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Organization! Not my strongest asset!

Posted by Anne, the tie dye lady on

As a mom of 3, with another home-based business, who runs a busy household with a husband who works a lot and travels frequently, I find myself scattered and running from one thing to the next. We have two of our children in Cub Scouts, my husband and I are both active in community organizations, and time is precious.  Sometimes things fall by the wayside, and often that is my organization of my business items...

I have been working on setting up systems to keep my tie dye empire organized. One thing I have worked on in the last few months is getting all my items first loaded into Square so when I cash you out in person at a market or show, I can just pull up the item by picture or category and add it to your sale.  I was REALLY excited when I discovered I could in theory do a sync from Square to my website, and it is supposed to update inventory on both sides when something sells...but its not working QUITE right.  So the website project is taking much more time than I anticipated, and its the time of year when orders start coming in from shops and from my customers and when my kids want to be outside riding bikes and playing (they are still young enough to where I am not comfortable with them playing out front or on their bikes and scooters without an adult)--and who wants to be stuck inside while they have fun anyhow???? Not me!  

So, slowly but surely, I am getting items into Square and loaded onto my website and Facebook page.  It takes a bunch of work just to get it into Square! First I have to photograph the item, then I have to edit the photo (crop it down), then create the item and everything in Square. Once I get all that done, I do a sync with my website, and fix any errors there...change categories, add shipping weight, etc.  All of this happens during the nooks and crannies of my day...remember, I have a little one home with me most of the days and have another business that I am working on

growing too! 

I have had to grow and evolve over the last 8.5 years. (How has it been that long???) In order to continue to do this "job" that I love with all my heart, I have to continue to make things easier on me, working smarter, not harder. My passion in in the creation, and seeing the joy on my customers' faces when they find the "perfect" tie dye for themselves or their loved one! All the other stuff (website, cleaning my studio, keeping track of inventory, bookkeeping...) that's the boring stuff I would rather leave to someone else, but there is not a someone else! Its all me!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!  

If you're waiting patiently for a tie dye, I PROMISE its coming. I have to eek out the time to create and then, feel the creative juices and have inspiration to dye.  I am working on bigger and better things to make it easier to shop my site and Facebook page, and to make this whole thing a bit smoother on my end.  

Has anyone invented a cloning machine? I could sure use one!

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