Our Story




In the Fold Apparel was started in October 2010.  It is the culmination of a process that began with the possibility of opening up a brick and mortar "hippie store", reminiscent of the shop that Anne worked at in Rochester, NY during her college years. After determining that a brick and mortar store was not feasible with a young baby, the idea was to start an online boutique.  Anne did not love the thought of buying mass produced items, and Jack asked her if she could make tie dyes on her own. "OF COURSE I CAN" was the reply, and off they went, baby in tow, to Michael's to buy some infant bodysuits and a tie dye kit.  In the Fold Apparel happened that very day.

Anne made some bodysuits for their baby, and a few shirts for their nephews, and posted pictures of them on her facebook page. Her friends loved them, and encouraged her to keep going.

Fast forward to 2022-In the Fold Apparel has 3 different retail locations in Central New York, and has clothing carried in numerous shops and boutiques in NY, NJ, PA, VT, and NH. You can also find Anne at the local farmer's market in Clinton, NY and at a handful of fall festivals and holiday craft shows in CNY.